Frequently Asked Questions

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Are they original licences?

The licenses we sell at CHEAPFY are completely original. They also include full Microsoft support in case you need a technician to help you solve your problem.

Renewable or unlimited licences?

All Microsoft licenses sold at CHEAPFY are permanent licences, licenses that you can have installed perpetually and permanently.

Having a permanent licence allows you or your company to have up-to-date software and prevents possible sanctions on inspections of your organisation.


Yes, you will receive all the legal documentation, the ID and the traceability of the licences for orders equal to or greater than €1500 (incl. VAT). If you require the delivery of all documentation and traceability for an order of less than €1500 (incl. VAT), there will be an extra cost of €299 due to the personalised handling of the order, which you must expressly notify us of. However, the quality and legality of the licences will not be altered in either case, and CHEAPFY will always have a copy of all the documentation supporting each operation.

Is there technical and commercial support?

If you have different types of devices and do not know exactly how many you need for your company, if you want to know which type of Microsoft software best suits your needs, even the volume discount for licenses, we will be happy to help you send us an email to .

In the technical support section you will have a Microsoft team that will be able to help you at any time.

Do I need a subscription?

No. Our licences are perpetual, one-time, lifetime licences. You will not need any subscription or monthly payments. With a single payment you will enjoy the license for life.

Is there a discount for volume licensing for companies?

We have great advantages for companies, contact us!

Very cheap licences, why are they legal?

Our licences are pre-owned which means that they have been previously used within the European Union, but uninstalled for reuse.

Our technical team will provide you with manufacturer support that offers you 100% support until you activate your Microsoft licence on your computers at no additional cost.

In accordance with the Exhaustion Principle and the EU Software Directive 2009/24 as confirmed by the European Court Judgment in 2012 (Judgment of the European Court of Justice (Case C-128/11 -3 July 2012), licenses purchased on a perpetual basis can be reused on other computer equipment without any problem.

How do we ask for quotations?

Requesting a Microsoft volume licensing quote is very easy through our website. First start by adding the products you need to your cart, fill in all the required information, then submit the request.

How can I give my company peace of mind?

We are so confident that what we offer complies with all legal requirements that we exonerate our clients from any legal responsibility for the acquisition of the licences.

ORIGINAL Microsoft Licenses at the best price

100% legal licenses, for life and with Official Microsoft Support.

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