Documentation that we send with the pre-owned licences

Original Owner Information

Certificate of Uninstallation


Certified as having been used in the EU/eea



Cheapfy software licences

We send the documentation and traceability of the used Microsoft licenses we sell, in strict compliance with current legislation, and in accordance with the Exhaustion Principle and the EU Software Directive 2009/24 ratified in the European Court Judgment in 2012 (Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (Case C-128/11 -3 July 2012).

Original Owner information

You will have information on the company that acquired the licences in the first place, being the original owner of the licences.

Certificate of Uninstallation

You will get the certificate that proves that the used licences you have just purchased have been previously uninstalled from the previous computer, and can be installed on a new computer.

Microsoft Original Contract Number

With the documentation you will be able to find out the original Microsoft contract number, issued at the time of purchase by the first owner of the licences with the manufacturer.

Certified as having been used in the EU/EEA

For the resale of Microsoft licences to be legal, it is essential that they have been acquired and used within the European Union. With this certificate, you will be able to corroborate this.

Invoices for all Property Transfers

With all the property transfer invoices, you can be sure that the property transfers have been fully legal and have fulfilled the necessary requirements.

Full Traceability for any Microsoft Audit

Ante una posible auditoría por parte de Microsoft, con toda esta documentación que asegura y certifica que las licencias usadas que has adquirido son totalmente legales, no tendrás problema con el fabricante.


Why are we sending all this documentation?

It is crucial for us that our customers are completely reassured about the legality of the used licenses they buy from us.

Therefore, our process is transparent, we can deliver all this documentation, so that the acquisition and use of used Microsoft licenses is totally legal, safe and free of problems in the event of any possible audit by the manufacturer.

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