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Windows Server is the operating system designed by Windows to work connected to a server over the network.

What are the advantages of Windows Server?

Using Windows Server allows you to connect applications installed on the server to run on the hardware.

Buying used Windows Server licenses can be a good solution to incorporate into your company, due to the great functionalities of working connected to a server, at the same time that you save on costs thanks to the second-use licenses.

In addition to the acquisition of Windows Server licenses, in any of its versions, there are also client access licenses (CAL), depending on the type of access you want to give to the company’s users. There are three types of CAL licences:

  • User CAL licences, the company has a licence for each user or worker and can install it on any hardware device it needs.
  • The Device CAL licence is purchased for installation on a single device, i.e. if the worker only works on one computer, he/she only needs one Device CAL licence.
  • RDS CAL licences are licences that are activated for workers working remotely or away from the office.

Windows Server 2022

Windows Server Datacenter VS Standard 2022

  • Datacenter: Ideal for cloud and highly virtualised data centre environments.
  • Standard: Physical or minimally virtualised environments.

Technical differences between Standard and Datacenter versions of Windows Server 2022

  • Basic Windows Server Functionality: Available in both
  • Hybrid integration: Available in both
  • OSE*/Isolated Hyper-V containers: Standard: 2 (includes permissions for two operating system environments or virtual machines. Datacenter: No limit.
  • Windows Server containers: Both unlimited.
  • Storage Mirroring: Standard: Limited (a single single storage mirror volume up to 2TB). Datacenter: Available.
  • Software-defined networking: Only available in Datacenter.
  • Software-defined storage: Only available in Datacenter.

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server Standard vs Server Datacenter 2019

Used Windows Server licenses can be of two types: Standard or Enterprise, but which one should I choose?

Basically, choosing a used Windows Server Standard or Enterprise license depends on the needs of each company. For large companies we recommend using Server Enterprise. For example, the first option has a limit of hardware connected to the server, and in the second case there is no such limit.

The differences between Windows Server Standard and Datacenter in 2019 are as follows:

Windows Server Standard 2019Windows Server Datacenter 2019
Users quantityDepends on quantity CALDepends on quantity CAL
Hyper-V (VM)Máx 2unlimited
Network ControllerIncludedIncluded
DNS ServerIncludedIncluded
Device Health AttestationIncludedIncluded
File ServicesIncludedIncluded
Software Defined NetworkIncluded
Direct StorageIncluded
Host Guardian Hyper-V SupportIncluded

Differences between Windows Server 2016 and Server 2019

The basis of Windows Server 2019 is based on the configuration of the previous version Windows Server 2016, although it has some improvements in terms of security, improved cloud and software structure.

Windows Server 2019 versus Server 2016 has a hybrid cloud working service, giving versatility to those workers who work on-premises and those who work off-premises.

In this way Windows Server 2019 uses the so-called IoT to interconnect all our digital systems around us, whereas Server 2016 only allows local connection.

The security of Windows Server 2019 goes far beyond its previous version, given that it not only protects the system, but also performs essential preventive work by analysing and destroying any network suspected of carrying out attacks on our server.

One of the strongest points of Server 2019 is the internal encryption of servers that offers incredible internal and external security.

Requirements to install Windows Server 2019 on our device

Before buying one version or another of Windows Server we advise you to check some technical characteristics that your computer must have to support the software.

  • Have at least 32 Gb of hard disk storage.
  • A RAM memory of more than 2 Gb
  • A 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor.

These are the most important requirements when installing Server 2019 on our computer, if you need any additional technical consultation our commercial support will be happy to assist you and advise you with your version of Windows Server that best suits you.

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