The software licences we sell at CHEAPFY are used licences, i.e. they have been purchased, installed and uninstalled before. All our licences have been used exclusively in companies located in the European Union.

There can be a number of situations in which companies may decide to sell their licences.


Occasionally, companies may find themselves in difficult financial situations and it may be an option for them to dispense with certain assets, such as software, in order to be able to cope with the circumstances that concern them.

Many companies decide at this point to sell software licences that they have little use for or are not essential to them.

Changes to new versions or different software

Acquisition of  updated versions of the same software, or replacement with different software, is a common cause of companies selling licences.

Excessive licences

Downsizing, restructuring of departments, partial or total migration from face-to-face to teleworking… Companies can find themselves in a multitude of new scenarios, and some of them can lead them to find themselves with an excess of licences, which are therefore no longer necessary.

Selling licences that are no longer required in the company leads to a partial recovery of the initial software investment, with all the benefits that this entails.

Switching to subscription or cloud licences

Some companies decide to move, in whole or in part, to subscription-based models in the cloud. In this way, they no longer need all or part of the perpetual licences they had previously purchased.

How do I make sure that the licences I am buying are 100% legal?

At CHEAPFY we only sell used licences that strictly comply with current legislation. You can find more information on used license documentation.

Why buy at CHEAPFY?

Buying pre-owned licenses with us you can get the software you need up to 70% cheaper than buying it new. In addition, we offer discounts for large volume purchases and we always send all the documentation together with the used licences.

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