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Choose the perfect messaging platform to generate calendars, schedule meetings and manage contacts with Microsoft Exchange Server. To access the Exchange Server platform, we will need to have the Windows Server operating system implemented and it allows us to connect from all types of devices such as computers, mobiles or tablets.

The used Microsoft Exchange Server licences are designed as a collaboration complement for companies to manage emails and send emails in a totally secure and efficient way. It also has calendars with which you can schedule meetings in a collaborative way.

As Microsoft Exchange Server is connected to Microsoft Server, it guarantees the email service as long as there is an active server, and it will continue to work if there is any failure in other servers.

The used Microsoft Exchange Server licences, in the same way as Windows Server licences, require licences depending on the type of use, both CAL User and CAL Device.

Differences between Exchange Server 2016 and 2019

Exchange Server 2019Exchange Server 2016
Memory256 GB192 GB
CPU core 4824
Serial SATA DiscIncluded Included
Serial SCSIIncluded Included
Fiber Channel SANIncluded Included
SSDIncluded Included
Versión NET4. & 4.7.1
High AvailabilityDAGDAG
RolesMailbox ServerMailbox Server
CoexistanceExchange 2013 & 2016Exchange 2010 & 2013
TLS 1.2IncludedIncluded
Outlook Client2013, 2016 & 20192010, 2013 & 2016

Differences between Exchange Server Standard and Enterprise 2019

The main difference between the Exchange Server Enterprise licences is the number of base licences, which is a maximum of 100, as opposed to the 5 of the Exchange Server Standard version.

In addition, the Enterprise version of Exchange Server allows you to make regular backups in order to be able to recover those emails quickly and effectively.

Exchange Server Enterprise 2019Exchange Server Standard 2019
Processor64 bit64 bit
Available disk space30 Gb30 Gb
Data Base Max. 100Max. 5
Exchange ActiveSyncIncluded Included
Outlook WebAppIncluded Included
IM, SMS, RSSIncluded Included
Legal retentionIncluded
Integrated fileIncluded

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