Refurbished laptops have become a more than interesting option to acquire good equipment at a lower cost. In general, refurbished equipment has increased its market share considerably in recent years, both in individuals and companies, driven by the rise in prices of the new product, the availability problems of computer chips in previous years and the environmental benefits it provides.

What is refurbished equipment?

Refurbish is the process of reviewing, repairing, replacing parts and fine-tuning products, normally electrical or electronic, that for different reasons have not been sold through the usual sales channels or have been resold. These include all types of products that have needed some type of inspection, and if necessary, maintenance or repair in order to restore their original operation and/or appearance to be able to sell them to the public. The inspection and repair process can be carried out by the manufacturer itself or by third parties.

Reconditioned Grades

We must keep in mind that there are different grades of reconditioned equipment, not all are the same, and we can see the following classifications on the market:​

  • Grade A: This is the best state of conservation, in which damage must be minimal or negligible.
  • Grade B: Equipment with slight aesthetic defects that do not affect its operation.
  • Grade C: Equipment with notable aesthetic and functional defects.

Furthermore, this grading is subdivided by adding the + or – symbol (e.g. A+) to differentiate conservation states within the same grade, so the highest quality products are those grade A+.

Differences between refurbished and used or second-hand

The main difference between refurbished equipment and used or second-hand equipment is that reconditioned equipment has been tested for proper operation and has gone through a tune-up process, while used equipment may or may not contain defects. On the other hand, refurbished equipment may be unused depending on the origin of the equipment.

Origin of reconditioned equipment

Reconditioned products can come from various sources, among others we highlight:​

  • Sample equipment, such as display or demonstration items.
  • Equipment from returns.
  • Equipment whose packaging has been damaged during transport.
  • Surplus equipment, which needs to be disposed of to reduce warehouse costs.
  • Equipment from financial lease or leasing.

In any case, more than the origin of the equipment, which in many cases we may not know, we must take into account what reconditioning process the equipment has been subjected to, its degree of reconditioning (A+, A, B…) and the guarantees offered by the seller.

What to consider before buying refurbished laptops

The starting point to know what we should take into account and what priorities we have when buying refurbished laptops, as well as any other type of equipment of this class, is why we need them; office, contact center, individual, study…

For companies, which usually buy a considerable amount of equipment, they must especially make sure that this equipment will “measure up”, that it is of good quality and that they have a guarantee that will cover them if they need it.

Reconditioning process

It is essential to take into account what process the equipment has been subjected to, since not all reconditioned equipment is the same, as we have already seen. In addition to aesthetics, which is also important, cleaning, replacement of parts, battery life…


Something that usually goes unnoticed in these cases is the software. On many occasions, companies that supply refurbished computers do not relicense the equipment, and it is essential that this is done correctly so that we can have a license, usually Windows, that is legal and a correctly licensed equipment.

There are specific COAs for reconditioned, and this is a key point that companies are often unaware of when purchasing reconditioned equipment.

Warranty on refurbished laptops

Another primary and essential point when buying refurbished computers is the guarantee they offer us. It is key to be clear about what it includes and what we are covered for: repairs, after-sales service, replacement, warranty time… We must inform ourselves correctly about this.

Where to buy refurbished laptops

At CHEAPFY, we supply grade A+ refurbished equipment with a 3-year warranty. We have both laptops, desktops, all in ones, servers, monitors, switches…

If you are interested in purchasing reconditioned equipment for your company, you can contact us without obligation and we will be happy to advise you. We will offer you equipment with the specific characteristics you need: inches, generation, RAM, SSD…

In addition, you can also consult more details about our reconditioning and warranty process.



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