Microsoft office is probably the most widely used office software on the market, and has been with us for years, both for individuals and companies. It has a multitude of tools, which depending on our needs will be more or less useful.

Currently, we have two options that Microsoft offers us to enjoy the functionalities of this software: the Microsoft office package for a single payment, in its different versions that have been updated periodically; and Office 365, the cloud version.

Once we know both solutions, as a company, we are faced with the question of which one we should acquire weighing functionality and cost.

A great option is the Hybrid Solution, which combines Office 365 subscriptions with one-time perpetual licenses of Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 2021, depending on which version we prefer.

Having a combination of Office 365 subscriptions and Office 2019/Office 2021 licences, the latter, as we’ve already discussed, for life and for a single payment, allows organisations to adjust their software spend, while having all the features and services they need to run their business.

This type of hybrid solution can bring significant benefits to companies operating in both the private and public sectors, allowing them to acquire software solutions with all the functionality and tools they need, but in a more cost-effective way, further increasing savings, if the perpetual licences are purchased on the second-use market.

Regarding the acquisition of used or semi-new licences, we must always bear in mind that they must be 100% legal and have the required documentation. In this way, we will optimise our IT costs to a great extent, acquiring software with the same characteristics and up to 70% cheaper than buying it new.

There are many situations in which we can find ourselves and benefit from the hybrid solution:

Creating a new IT infrastructure

After in-depth analysis, many organisations find that a combination of cloud services, Office 365, with perpetual, single-pay software, such as Office 2019 or Office 2021, is more cost-effective financially and can be more practical in terms of workflow, accessibility and security.

Optimising existing infrastructure

Often, after examining the business, unused or unnecessary programmes, functions and services are found. In these cases, the existing infrastructure can be improved and costs can be optimised by implementing this solution.

Migration to telework

We can have a less tedious transition if we delegate specific services we need to Office 365, and keep most workflows and activity with the Microsoft Office suite on-premises.

Improved data security

With the hybrid solution: Office 365 + Office 2019/2021, we can keep sensitive and sensitive data on-premises (and offline, if necessary), offline in the cloud.


If we are totally dependent on cloud services to store data and/or perform daily productive tasks and activity, we must consider the possibility of these same services becoming inaccessible, either due to problems with subscription payments or technical issues.

This solution would help mitigate these potential interruptions and make it easier to continue business.

As we have seen, implementing the combination of Office 365 subscriptions together with perpetual licences of Microsoft Office 2019 or its Office 2021 version, would help us to optimise our company’s software expenses, with greater savings if the single-pay licences are semi-new.

Interested in this hybrid solution? At Cheapfy Software Licences, we offer you used licenses of both Microsoft Office 2019 and 2021, in any of its versions, with all the traceability and documentation, 100% legal and at an unbeatable price.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, we will advise you with our 100% personalised support.

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