Microsoft Visio 2021 is the latest version of the vector graphics and diagramming application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite, although it can be purchased individually.

In general terms, Microsoft Visio can:

  • Visually organise complex ideas.
  • Have hundreds of templates available, including flowcharts, timelines, floor plans and many more.
  • Add and connect images, text and shapes to show relationships in data.
  • Create dynamic diagrams and link them to data in Excel, Access or SharePoint.
  • Give your diagrams a professional look with styles, effects, backgrounds and themes.
  • Save diagrams to the cloud and share them with other users with a browser, even people who don’t have Visio installed.

Microsoft Visio 2021

Microsoft Visio Professional 2021

  • All the features of Visio Standard, plus additional templates, forms and collaboration features.
  • Create and validate diagrams that support industry standards, including BPMN 2.0, IEEE, and UML 2.5.
  • Link diagrams to dynamic data from internal and external sources.
  • Use your finger or stylus to draw and take notes conveniently and easily on touch-enabled devices.
  • Create database visualisations with the integrated database model diagrams.
  • Collaborate with other users by adding and replying to comments within Visio

Specific features of Visio Professional 2021

In the Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 edition, we highlight the following additional specific features:

FLEXIBLE EDITINGChange the shapes of existing diagrams without losing layout and shape connections, allowing you to easily adjust the look of the diagram without losing the work you have already done.
VARIOUS DATA SOURCESSupports Microsoft Excel workbooks, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation lists, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Microsoft Exchange Server directories, Azure Active Directory information and other OLEDB or ODBC data sources.
REAL-TIME PRESENCE INDICATORSFind out where co-authors are working with a simple presence indicator for files stored in the cloud.
DATA DRIVEN DIAGRAMSAutomatically generates organisation charts from data coming from Excel, Exchange or Azure Active Directory.
SIMULTANEOUS TEAMWORKFind out who is working on which part of the diagram, receive notifications about changes and choose when to merge those changes into the master file.
AUTOCAD COMPATIBILITYAbility to import DWG files, including improved file format support.

What’s New in Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 compared to 2019

Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 includes improvements and new features over the 2019 version. In addition, if you upgrade from Visio Professional 2019 to Visio Professional 2021, you will continue to keep all the features you already work with, and you will get a number of new features.

Among the new features, we highlight:

  • New Azure symbol and shape galleries. More symbol galleries have been added to create updated Azure diagrams for network topologies, virtual machine configurations, operations and more.
  • New AWS symbol galleries and shapes. Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure shapes have been enabled. You can now use symbol galleries with the latest AWS shapes to create diagrams.
  • Ready-to-use graphics for your diagrams. A library with a selection of stock images, icons and more that you can add to Visio drawings.
  • Creation of reticulated contour diagrams for mobile applications. A grid outline is a detailed visual model of an interface that is like a technical blueprint of functionality and content. These new mobile app templates are ideal for creating a low-fidelity design sketch to present ideas, build team consensus, and form the basis of a high-fidelity grid outline.
  • Visual update. Modernised home experience and newly updated ribbon tabs. Clean and clear styling with monoline iconography that communicates action and features with simple visual elements.
  • Improved UML and enhanced ERD Symbol Galleries
  • General performance and stability fixes.

Microsoft Visio Standard 2021

Microsoft Visio Standard 2021 is a more basic and simpler version than Professional. It has fewer features and functions, but allows you to make professional diagrams with a similar experience to the other products in the Office family.

  • Use your finger or stylus to draw and take notes naturally on touch devices.
  • Create database visualisations with the integrated database model diagrams.
  • Collaborate with other users by adding and replying to comments directly within Visio.

This version, like Visio Professional 2021, has a flexible way of editing; it allows you to change existing diagram shapes without losing layout and shape connections, easily adjusting the look of the diagram without losing what you have done. On the other hand, we have the data-driven diagrams; with which we can automatically generate organisation charts from data originating in Excel, Exchange or Azure Active Directory. Finally, we also have AUTOCAD compatibility; allowing us to import DWG files, including improved compatibility with file formats.

Microsoft Visio 2021 Standard vs Professional

In this comparison between Visio Standard and Visio Professional 2021, we have highlighted the following features, among the many that are available in both versions:

Use touch functions to work more naturally on a touchscreen-enabled device.IncludedIncluded
Save diagrams locally in PNG or JPEG format with customisation options for resolution, background colour, transparency and size.IncludedIncluded
Opens files created in Visio 2000 and later with backward compatibility.IncludedIncluded
Choose from a variety of starter diagrams and get up to speed quickly with contextual tips and tricks.IncludedIncluded
Add floating control shapes, insert and delete shapes with connection recovery, and change shapes while preserving the diagram layout and shape metadata.IncludedIncluded
Brainstorm and organise your ideas visually with mind maps.IncludedIncluded
Get access to more than 250,000 forms through Visio's online content ecosystem.IncludedIncluded
View diagrams connected to real-time data.IncludedIncluded
Visualise your systems and software with a comprehensive repository of IT content, including entity-relationship diagrams (ERD) and UML diagrams.Included
Validates structured diagrams with predefined rules and solves identified problems.Included
Quickly create high-fidelity sketches and prototypes of your websites and mobile apps with web and mobile grids.Included
Create accurate and detailed business diagrams with templates for IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) diagrams, dynamic diagrams, Six Sigma and value stream maps.Included
Simplify your system design process with detailed network, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and rack diagrams.Included
Get support for various process standards, such as BPMN 2.0, IEEE and UML 2.5.Included


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