Windows 11 has been with us every day on our computers for a little over a year now, with fresh updates, such as the one released in recent weeks that introduced a revamped AI-powered BING in preview in a multitude of countries and to a large number of users. The addition of AI to search engines means a new era of search, chat and creation.

This new update looks set to be more AI-powered than ever. We tell you everything you need to know about the new Windows 11 update.

Search box accompanied by new AI-powered Bing in Windows 11

The Windows search box is an element used by most of us on a day-to-day basis to make searching faster and easier. Now it will be accompanied by the AI-powered Bing capability so we can find what we need, seemingly faster than ever before.

Soon, many Windows 11 users will be able to access this new technology from the operating system’s taskbar. For now, you can join the preview version of Bing, via this link provided by Microsoft.

Additional new Windows 11 features in the update

In addition to the above, we will have new functions and features that will accompany us on a daily basis. Such as iOS linking, touch experiences, widgets and more AI features.

Introducing Phone Link for iOS in preview

Good news for iPhone users: Phone Link is coming to iOS. This will allow you to connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 computer, allowing you to take calls from it, view messages and photos with iCloud integration in the Photos app. Released first as a Windows Insiders preview.

Better experience for Android phone users

Improved connection between Android and Windows 11 devices with Phone Link.

For Samsung users, one-click activation of the phone’s hotspot from the list of Wi-Fi networks on the PC is made easy. In addition, they will be able to transfer their browser sessions from the Samsung phone to the PC, so they can continue browsing seamlessly.

Advanced AI in Windows Studio Effects

Improved adjustment and use in Windows Studio Effects directly from the taskbar in the quick settings. Background blur, eye contact and automatic framing can be immediately adjusted and applied in communication applications, with seamless integration into Microsoft Teams.

Faster connection

At the launch of Windows 11, integration with Microsoft Teams was included through the chat function available from the desktop in the taskbar, making connections easier. With this update, the experience has been improved and refreshed: easier to preview video and jump into a call or share a call link via any application.

In addition, we will also be able to have faster and easier access to all our conversations, being able to navigate between them all in a single window.

Redesigned Quick Assist

Quicker to connect to Quick Assist, which can be accessed directly from the Start menu, and you can take advantage of the new option to switch between screen sharing and full control during a session to give or get help the way you want it. In addition, there is a new laser pointer that can be used to highlight an icon, menu or anything else on the screen to help guide whoever you are helping.

Improved news and information of interest

New widgets to enhance the experience, including Phone Link, Xbox Game pass and others such as Meta and Spotify, making it easier to stay more informed about what interests you with a single click.

Improved usable experience on touch devices

Improvements to the touch device experience; new gestures, changes to screen space size and flexibility.

Snipping Tool screen recording

Easily capture with a new integrated Snipping Tool screen recorder. Improved sharing of creations and access from the Snipping Tool. Screenshots are saved to a default folder and you can open the application directly with the shortcut: Windows key + Shift + S.

Notepad navigation

New tabs are added to the application to improve the experience, helping to keep data better organised.

Accessibility improvements: Braille display support and improved voice access in key applications

A more accessible Windows 11 than ever before: Improvements to Narrator with enhanced Braille display support, making it easier to use for people who are blind.

New voice access to preview and a more flexible and improved solution for using speech in Windows 11, which can be used in Microsoft applications from Word to file management in File Explorer.

New power recommendations

New direct recommendations in system settings, helping to take action to adjust settings and making it easier to control environmental impact.

Easier to find files you need in Start Menu recommendations thanks to AI

Available on Windows 11 Pro devices, it will help those using the operating system in a business environment get what they need more quickly and easily.

As we have seen, this new update brings a multitude of improvements in the daily use of our computers with Windows 11, from the interface, use and accessibility to greater incorporation of AI to improve the experience.

This new update, as reported by the manufacturer, is now available from Windows Update. Users with eligible devices running Windows 11, version 22H2 who are interested in experiencing these new features now, can do so by opening the Windows Update settings (Settings> Windows Update) and selecting Check for updates.

Full availability of the new features delivered through Windows Update is anticipated in the March 2023 monthly security update release.

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