Last week Windows 11 users started to receive the new, long-awaited update: Windows 11 22H2. However, the large number of PCs still running Windows 10 will also soon receive a new update: Windows 10 22H2.

As Microsoft apparently announced, Windows 10 will continue to receive updates and support until October 2025.

Windows 10 22H2

In any case, the changes and new features of both versions are not likely to be comparable; Windows 10 22H2 could simply be a cumulative update to fix bugs and improve the stability of the system itself.

Even so, some media (such as Genbeta) point to rumours of new minor functionalities, such as those referring to the taskbar: now the “News and interests” widget could be displayed regardless of where the location of this bar is set (until now it only worked when it was set at the bottom of the screen).

Windows 11 22H2

This new update comes with quite a few new features for users; highlights include a new Task Manager with Efficiency Mode, Clipchamp as a video editor, Focus sessions and a new camera application.

Improvements to Snap Layouts. New design makes it easier to use on touchscreen computers and adds the ability to organise multiple Edge tabs.

Focus Sessions and Do Not Disturb. Notifications will be muted and pop-up messages in the taskbar will be disabled. With the option of a concentration timer and scheduling sleep reminders from the Clock.

Windows Studio Effects is here. An integrated application that, through artificial intelligence, seeks to improve the image of our computer’s camera and the audio from the microphone so that we can see and hear ourselves better in video calls. It also adds additional functions, such as Background Blur, so that what we have in the background is not seen, and Eye Contact to obtain an automatic framing while we move.

New Task Manager. Microsoft has updated one of the system elements that has received the fewest changes in recent years. Task Manager has now adopted the Fluent UI style. On a functional level, Efficiency Mode has been added.

Clipchamp. Video editor that may replace the classic Movie Maker.

News about the File Explorer:

  • Possibility to pin specific files to the “Quick Access” panel.
  • When sharing a local file in File Explorer with Outlook, you can now write an email directly in the shared window without having to go into Outlook.
  • Revert to showing preview images of the files contained in a folder when they are displayed large.
  • When browsing your folders synced with OneDrive, you can now see the sync status and usage of your storage without having to leave File Explorer.
  • The “more options” menu can now be invoked directly with the “shift + right click” command.

Improvements to the layout of various processes, such as the print queue.

Drag and drop files to applications in the taskbar. This feature, much missed among users who had upgraded to Windows 11, has returned.

Performance improvements:

  • The transparency effect known as “Acrylic” is now more optimised and causes fewer performance issues in those parts of the operating system and applications that use it.
  • Switching between light and dark themes now works smoothly.
  • The new XAML right-click menus have been improved for faster invocation and more consistent performance.

Quick access to Bluetooth devices.

Smart App Control (SAC). New security feature for Windows 11 that prevents potentially dangerous applications from running to protect the device.

These are the main improvements in the new Windows 11 22H2 update that started arriving last week. However, it has been found to significantly affect the performance of NVIDIA cards, and NVIDIA has quickly released an emergency beta driver to fix the problem.

There are still many users who prefer to stay with Windows 10. Will all these changes and improvements help to increase the number of PCs upgraded to Windows 11?

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