Microsoft, since the Windows 11 22h2 update, has released two updates under the name “Moment”, which have brought new features to this latest version of its operating system. This week, Microsoft has just released this new update, known as Windows 11 Moment 3.

This new update, which is initially optional, focuses mainly on bug fixes, with changes coming to all computers along with the next security patches, which are expected to be available on 13 June.

What’s new in the new Windows 11 Moment 3 update?

In summary, the main new features and improvements in this update are:

  • Improvements to the taskbar and notifications. When we receive an SMS with a double authentication code, we will have the option to copy it from the notification itself, and a VPN icon will be visible in the taskbar when we are connected to one.
  • Improvements in the widget panel. We will have three columns: the first one for widgets and two for news.
  • Improvements for a more accessible operating system for everyone. Voice access is more direct and live subtitles are available in more languages (including Spanish).
  • Ability to perform a memory dump of any process from the task manager.
  • Presence sensor. Indicated to know when we are near the PC.
  • Now we can add seconds to the Windows system tray clock.
  • Official and native support for USB 4.
  • Adaptive brightness when the PC is connected to the power supply.
  • New touch keyboard settings.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in the Windows context menu.

In addition to these changes, bug fixes and minor modifications have been made to other operating system features and tools. For more details and extended information, you can visit the manufacturer’s own blog.

Install Windows 11 Moment 3

As mentioned above, this update is currently only optional, so if you want to install it, you will have to check for it manually in Windows Update. If clicking Check for updates does not give you the option to update to this patch, follow these steps: Windows Update > Advanced > Optional updates and select the installation that matches the KB5026446 patch.

After installation, all you have to do is reboot and you will have this new update on your PC.

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