What is refurbished equipment?

The reconditioning of a computer consists of its overhaul; a thorough review, complete cleaning and replacement of corresponding parts, so that it can be put back on the market in an optimal state.

Origin of refurbished computers and laptops

Refurbished computers and equipment can come from a variety of sources:

  • Equipment used for testing, as display or demonstration items.
  • Equipment returned during the withdrawal period.
  • Equipment with packaging damaged in transit.
  • Surplus stock, which needs to be disposed of to reduce warehouse costs.
  • Equipment coming from leasing.

Refurbished grades

Mainly, in the market of refurbished computers, and refurbished equipment in general, we can find 3 different grades:

  • Grade A: It is the best state of conservation, in which the damage should be minimal or negligible.
  • Grade B: Equipment with slight aesthetic flaws that do not affect its operation.
  • Grade C: Equipment with significant aesthetic and functional flaws.

In addition, many companies, in turn, distinguish between + or – (Grade A+ or Grade A-), to differentiate more specifically the categorization of their products, with Grade A+ being the best quality and performance reconditioned.

Refurbished business hardware

Benefits of buying refurbished equipment for businesses

For a company, refurbished equipment can be a great option:

  • Reducing the economic cost of the product. Buying refurbished computers, or any refurbished equipment, means a considerable reduction of costs and, therefore, an improvement of IT budgets in companies.
  • Equipment adjusted to the needs of the company. Being able to choose the components, the memory, the screen size? allows companies to obtain exactly the type of equipment they need, no more and no less, with the consequent adjustment in costs that this entails.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by avoiding the manufacture of new equipment. The environmental benefits of refurbishing computers, laptops, servers, etc. are clear; instead of manufacturing new ones and discarding those that have already been used, being a point in favor for the CSR of the companies.

Refurbished Computers and Refurbished Laptops

In recent years, the purchase of this type of equipment has grown considerably. Refurbished laptops, in particular, have become a great option for companies that have moved from the traditional office to a general telecommuting or hybrid model.

The increase in demand for these products, both at the corporate and individual level, may be due to several reasons such as the following:

  • General economic situation: we are going through a worldwide crisis and the renewal of equipment for work, studies or personal use and entertainment, is transformed in the face of rising costs.
  • Price: buying a refurbished desktop or laptop could be less than half the cost of its value in new, being able to offer the same functionalities.
  • Functionality: when an optimal process of refurbishing equipment is carried out, we can obtain hardware with the same features as when buying new, and it is even possible to improve them by changing to superior components.
  • Warranty: The warranty of refurbished equipment may vary depending on the seller. This point can be key when purchasing equipment, especially when companies are looking to buy a large quantity.
  • Minimal defects: Defects may be minimal or even non-existent, so there would be no difference compared to new equipment.

What to consider when buying refurbished computers?

Although, as we have seen, buying refurbished equipment presents a great saving for companies, we must take into account the process they go through, which can make the difference. Another point to consider is the warranty offered by the seller.

It is important that the seller is transparent about the refurbishment process, so that we can be sure that the equipment is in an optimal state for purchase and regular use. At Cheapfy Software Licences, we carry out a thorough process of cleaning, parts replacement and equipment testing, offering you a 1 year warranty with the possibility of extending it to 2 years, as well as in-house support for remote networking configurations.

Learn more about our refurbishment process and warranty.

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