Microsoft SharePoint 2019 is an integrated platform that supports Internet, intranet and extranet applications. The specific licenses required depend on three factors:

  • The features used
  • How SharePoint is deployed
  • Where the system is hosted

Microsoft SharePoint 2019 licences

You can purchase Microsoft Sharepoint on either a subscription or perpetual license basis.

Sharepoint Online. Per-user subscriptions, which you can purchase standalone or with Microsoft 365.
Sharepoint Perpetual. Licensed under the server/CAL model (client access licence). Microsoft Sharepoint 2019 is required for each running instance of the software. CALs are required for each person/device (depending on whether they are USER or DEVICE CAL) that has access to Sharepoint Server.

The perpetual licensing option is more economically advantageous in the medium to long term, getting the software for life, with a single payment.


CAL licences are generally used to license either users (USER CAL) or devices (DEVICE CAL), depending on our infrastructure, one or the other will be more convenient.


User CAL licences are linked to each user who is going to access the service; using services such as file printing, storage… independently of the different devices they use.

It is the best option for companies with users who need to access the corporate network with different devices, or when these devices are unknown. You will save costs with this type of CAL if the number of devices exceeds the number of users.


This type of CAL licence is tied to the device. Instead of licensing users, we license per machine regardless of the number of users using it.

This would be the recommended licensing option in companies where there are more users than devices; for example, if workers use the same device on different shifts, as might be the case in a contact centre company.

Microsoft Sharepoint 2019: Standard and enterprise CALs

There are two different Sharepoint CAL licences:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Standard CAL (USER or DEVICE): The Standard CAL offers the main Sharepoint features.
    • Sites: A single infrastructure for all enterprise web sites.
    • Communities: an integrated collaboration platform
    • Content: enterprise content management (ECM) for the masses
    • Search: expert people search, previews and more likely visual options
  • Microsoft Sharepoint CAL enterprise (USER or DEVICE): CAL enterprise offers the full capabilities of Sharepoint.
    • Sites: A single infrastructure for all enterprise web sites.
    • Communities: an integrated collaboration platform
    • Content: ECM for the masses
    • Search: standard search features, plus entity extraction, video search, item recommendations
    • Business Solutions (including Access Services and InfoPath Services)
    • Business Intelligence for Everyone (includes Power View, PerformancePoint Services, Excel Services and Visio Services)

It should be noted that Sharepoint Enterprise CAL licences are additional: to have access to the features of the Enterprise edition of SharePoint, a person or device must have SharePoint Standard CAL and SharePoint Enterprise CAL.

On the other hand, in SharePoint 2019, for Internet and extranet site scenarios, CALs are not required for external users (users who are neither you nor your affiliated employees, nor your affiliates’ internal agents or contractors).

Buy Microsoft Sharepoint 2019 Licenses at CHEAPFY

At CHEAPFY you can buy Sharepoint 2019 perpetual licenses, both server and access licenses, USER and DEVICE CAL, standard and enterprise licenses, up to 70% cheaper. If you have any questions about licensing Sharepoint, you can contact our team here.

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